Limited Editions

I believe you should be able to enjoy your print of my work knowing it is very exclusive. I have no objection to mass-produced art, but it is very special to know that you have something hand-produced and which a few other discerning people own, but no more than that. For this reason, I always limit the size of the edition, usually to 10, with two artist’s proofs. After these are produced, I undertake to never produce further fine art editions of this image. The only uses that they will be put to after that are informative: images in fine art books or catalogues or magazines relating to my work or photography. In this way, you know you have something special and which, in time, has the potential to appreciate. That’s why, also, I only use the very best paper stock and use the most modern and dependable inks. I hope people enjoy these prints for generations to come.

Certificate of Authenticity

I won't be around forever to confirm the provenance of my work, so every print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. In this way you have the security of knowing your work will be appreciated and valued for what it is - an exceptionally produced and rare item. Almost as rare as the moments when the images were created.

Re-selling my Photographs

In the unlikely event that you want to re-sell one of my photographs in the future (for example you want to make some wall space to hang another one of my photographs!), I can help you do so, as I am often asked for copies of editions that have sold out.

If you have a photograph of mine that you wish to re-sell contact me.

To see a list of photographs for re-sale click here.

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